Hygiene Pallet Containers

When it comes to food storage or transportation, you cannot just use any pallet container. That’s why we have specialized in handy plastic containers, available in numerous styles and sizes. Choose from our wide product range the one which is most suitable for your business purposes and be sure, all of them fulfil the strict legal requirements.

Hygienic Palletboxes



Sturdy and handy

Polyethylene is extremely robust and this makes our pallet containers less likely to harmful damages compared to common containers – and they have excellent thermal features, e.g. the double-walled container filled with PUR foam has been used for decades in the fishing industry, when freshly caught fish is frozen in the vessel’s hook.

Thanks to forklift entry for easy moving, these containers are very convenient for the meat processing industry as well as many other food industry sections. Furthermore, because of their relatively low weight you save a lot of money regarding transport-related costs. 

As we are experienced experts, we will take care about the best possible solution for your business requirements. We would also be happy to advise you on customized solutions. Our products will certainly meet your expectations.