Hygienic Palletboxes, Meat Trolleys, Plastic Pallets and Accessoires

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High-quality Hygiene Containers

Rotogal GmbH is your perfect partner for solid hygiene containers and they can be recommended for numerous working purposes at an excellent value in terms of price and quality.

We offer customized impeccable plastic products for a variety of industries, e.g. food industry, pharmaceutical industry and medical industry.


Plastic Food Storage Containers with excellent features

Our high quality plastic food storage containers fulfil even the strictest legal requirements in food processing.

These rotomoulded , food-safe plastic containers are manufactured in Spain and  produced without any ribbings to avoid bacteria concerns in hard-to-reach places.

You may also find solid meat transportboxes or pallets as well as containers for the fish industry and for other perishable goods in our great product line. Besides general purpose containers, we also welcome modification requests for your special needs.


Isothermal Containers for temperature-sensitive goods

Isothermal containers are your perfect solution to guarantee a continuous cooler circuit.

When it comes to fish processing, it is extremely important to eradicate potential health risks for customers. The double-walled plastic body of the containers, together with the superb insulation of PUR foam (Polyurethane), make these containers most suitable for  storage or transport of such goods.


Food Storage Containers

Meat Trolleys, used in the meat industry for carrying parts to the respective units within a slaughterhouse, make our wide range of products complete.

These plastic trolleys are easy to clean, less noisy than their stainless steel counterparts and they come in different colours.

If you have any questions regarding our products and/ or modified hygiene containers, please  contact us. We are known for flexibility and quality!